Employment Opportunities

If interested in joining our small, growing firm and meet the qualifications described, please submit your resume to: info@aquastrategies.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


Do you want your work to create a tangible, meaningful, and inclusive impact, both inside and outside the walls of your workplace? Sounds like we’ve got a lot in common. See how Aqua Strategies can support your professional goals, values, and personal life.

Our Purpose

At Aqua Strategies, we believe every project deserves solutions based on sound, tested science and rigorous engineering principles that are responsive to diverse stakeholder views. Our approach seeks resilient and sustainable results to promote clean water and healthy natural environments for future generations.

We have opportunities across the globe. We are a team fueled by collaboration on interesting and important work. We are a culture that fosters growth and values a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are made up of strong, smart people dedicated to doing their best work and driving success for our customers.

Hybrid Work Options

As we look towards the future of work, we recognize that the nature of work, the workforce, and the workplace have fundamentally shifted. Aqua Strategies professionals want a variety of options in the way they work to allow for personal choice, flexibility, and predictability.

Some staff prefer a quiet refuge in the office. Other staff are able to work very productively from remote locations. Not only does a hybrid model benefit our staff, but also the environment. By reducing travel and commuting time we help reduce our own carbon footprint which, in turn, helps achieve overall carbon reduction goals.

5 Reasons to Work at Aqua Strategies

  • Grow with us. Learn from highly experienced colleagues to broaden your professional capabilities and achieve growth opportunities within our company.
  • Enjoy work. Do good work with diverse professionals on fascinating projects.
  • Hybrid and remote options. Do your best work flexibly.
  • Have a voice. We seek out your perspective and input because it’s important to us. We feed your input into our ongoing strategic business planning.
  • Lead. You will be asked to lead us into the future.
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